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Holidays accomodation

You have a second home and you would like to rent it out at certain times of the year. However, you are not on site and you need someone to welcome vacationers.

Kaimus Ltd can arrange:

  •  handing over keys to holidaymakers on arrival;
  •  inventory on arrival;
  •  the inventory on departure;
  •  picking up keys from holidaymakers on departure;
  •  And much more…

If you wish to advertise for a holiday accommodation, you will need to contact our team to arrange an appointment for the visit of the property.

Listings for vacation rentals are currently only available for Rwanda. Our team will go on site to verify the identity of the owner, the property to ensure that it corresponds to your future ad (location, description, convenience) and define your needs with you.

Our company will collect the customer's opinion at the end of the stay and will give you feedback.

The price of advertisements for holiday accommodation will be defined when visiting the property according to several factors and according to your needs:

  • type of rental (between individuals, guest house, motel, hotel, etc.);
  • the number of announcements broadcast and the choice of media;
  •  the number of announcements;
  • shots;
  • the method of contacting the customer (eg anonymous messaging, reservation system);


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