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1 . Kaimus Ltd analyzes your needs, your tastes, your requests.                            

 2.  Our team writes you a specification.  specification
A specification is a roadmap, it defines on the one hand the needs of the client (showcase site, website, site with administration interface, etc.) and on the other hand it defines the prerogatives of each party, planning, design cost, site hosting, domain name, dedicated messaging, graphic charter, referencing, digital accessibility standards, etc.
The specifications are essential, it relates the choice, the needs of the customer and above all the customer makes sure to be the owner of his site.
You should always ask for specifications when placing an order for a website.
The specifications must be readable by a person with no knowledge of the web. Technical terms must have a glossary at the end of the document.

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3. Once you have validated the specifications, our team designs the model of the site with the graphic charter, the ergonomics.
The model is submitted to you for validation.


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4. Once the model has been validated, the website is designed and put online. 


Normes W3C


 5. Test phase :

 This phase allows us to check that the site is accessible on different media (telephone, computer, Braille tablet, audio player, etc.) and that digital accessibility standards are respected.
The site is online and operational.


1. T he website allows your customers and prospects to consult the data of your company or your organization, to be able to contact you easily…

2. A website is an essential modern showcase that allows you to highlight your business

It allows you to disseminate information about your company or organization. To update contacts. To publicize the activity of your company…

Even if you do not sell online, you will often need a good site to compete in today's market. It is often by visiting a site that potential customers (prospects) collect information about a company.

3. A website can be consulted 24 hours a day

Your site and therefore your products, your services can be consulted anywhere in the world without any time zone problem

Increase your notoriety

4. A website should be the cornerstone of your brand image. It's the perfect way to explain, demonstrate to your customers what sets you apart from the competition and how you can offer them what they are looking for.

Nowadays, a company that does not have a website creates mistrust in the customer and the prospect and these risk going to your competitors.

5. Build customer trust by being "on the web"

A business card without a website is often considered a non-professional business card. Indeed, nowadays many people think that a serious company must have a website and a dedicated email (mail ending with the domain name example monmail@kaimusLtd.net)

6. Publicize your products and/or services.

New products, new service, nothing is easier than to disseminate information through your site.

7. Makes communication easier

A client, a prospect needs to contact you, he just has to go to your site to get the contact details.

8. Website vs social networks

A website can be consulted by all Internet users without registration, unlike social networks.

It has a unique address (its domain name) which allows the Internet user to easily find your company, unlike social networks where the Internet user has trouble finding the pages.

9. A website is an investment

The website is not an expense but an investment over time.

It is a standard, an extension of activity

This is the new standard that reassures the client and the prospect.



Why is a well-coded site important?

In the web domain there are digital accessibility standards (W3C Web consortium) for people with disabilities. Indeed, some people use navigation aids such as: blind people who use audio readers or Braille readers, quadriplegic people who use oral mice...

If a site is poorly coded, these people won't be able to read your site's content. However, many people think that this is unimportant, but if your site is not accessible to this category of Internet users, a search engine will not be able to read and index your site correctly. Everything is linked, if you choose a website with W3C standards, you are choosing not to discriminate against people with disabilities and you are also improving natural referencing for search engines.

Some companies think that it is enough to pay to be referenced on the first page by search engines. This is not possible, not all web pages can be on the first page.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for a good advertising campaign, and it starts with clean code and standards.

Criteria for a good natural referencing:

  • Have a site with W3C digital accessibility standards;
  • the site must contain relevant keywords related to your activity, your products, your services; SEO
  • Images should be well tagged (keyword in tag);
  • contact details must be up to date;
  • the ergonomics of the site is important, in particular the navigation menu, if the words chosen for the menu are explicit, the site will be better referenced;

The criteria for a good paid search:

These are the same criteria as for natural referencing and they must be applied.

If you are launching an ADS campaign and your site is not up to standard, if your competitor has a standard site and he too is launching an ADS campaign (with a lower budget than yours), this is the site that will have a standards-specific code that will be placed on top of a poorly coded site.

Namely that some times, some sites are excluded from referencing. Search engines that fail to read your site may exclude it from SEO since the amount of Ads campaigns are not paid up front. An ADS campaign is based on a defined amount per click. That is to say, when a user clicks on your link in the search engine, this click has a cost. The engines are not obliged to reference you.

Demanding quality for your site means reducing advertising costs. The return on investment for a standard site can be faster.

A site can be very pretty for an Internet user, but unreadable for a machine, beauty is not everything, you also need a clean code.

Why are some large company sites substandard but referenced?

These large companies often have pharaonic advertising budgets and they use companies specializing in ADS campaigns, it is a choice.

You can test and see the faults of a site directly here , with the W3C validation tool.

KAIMUS Ltd in the context of digital accessibility is committed to making every effort to comply with accessibility standards.