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Who is this service for?

For all those who wish to know the state of a property. Whether you are an owner, tenant or lessor, whether you are a seller or a buyer of real estate.

The Kaimus Ltd Team

The team is made up of qualified building professional consultant(s) with real professional experience, expert consultant(s) registered in the register.

Kaimus Ltd carefully selects its partners to offer you a quality service.

Every year people acquire a property that is not up to standard, that has hidden defects, that requires costly repairs, as is the case for buildings containing asbestos or lead.
Electrical faults are often not visible and can pose safety issues such as fire hazards.
Acquiring a property without knowing its real condition can turn out to be a money pit.
Don't lose any more money, don't put your security at risk !!!

A staircase in front of a doortoilet recessed in the floorA water pipe that passes through an electrical outletDozens of elbows for water evacuationAn electrical outlet in a shower

The Kaimus team invites you to come and visit your property and draw up a detailed report (an inventory) before the acquisition. Several options are available:

  •  Inventory. An inventory reports all the visible defects, which allows you to consider the work to be done urgently, and the work that will have to be done in time. A door that does not close, an ill-adjusted window, a crack in a wall or ceiling, a light bulb that flickers… can indicate a more significant building problem such as for example a destructuring of the building, an increased electrical risk…. inventory is important for your safety and your budget.


  • State of the premises certified. This inventory is validated by an expert registered in the register.


  •  Estimation of the cost of the works. Based on the inventory, our team of building professionals can give you an estimate of the cost of the work. The estimate can allow you to save money since you know the cost and will allow you to choose the companies according to the real needs. We estimate the cost but we do not offer you a company so that you can choose your partners.  The estimate must be made a maximum of three months before the start of the project because price fluctuations are permanent and what is valid today may no longer be valid the next day, as was the case for certain glazing which at the time of 'an estimate had a value of 30,000 RWF per m² and 6 months later the value per m² was 80,000 RFW.


  • Supervision and follow-up of the construction site. The Kaimus team visits the site several times a month depending on your request and checks the progress of the work, compliance, takes an inventory of the equipment. Shots are taken to keep the memory of the site and in particular the passage of electrical cables and plumbing.


  • End of construction validation: when you are not a building professional, it is often difficult to know if the work has been carried out according to the rules of the trade.  Do the electrical repairs and plumbing comply with the specifications? Too often, the sites carried out do not comply with the customer's request, there are construction defects, masonry problems, electrical problems, plumbing problems, etc.

     Kaimus Ltd through its service offers you to visit the site for you and to make you a detailed report concerning the work carried out.



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