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Kaimus Ltd offers you its real estate assessment services with its consultants.

You want to buy a building or you have a building to sell or rent however you would like to:

  • make sure the building is up to standard.
  • Estimate the cost of the work.

You have carried out work on a building and would like to check that the standards have been respected before accepting the end of the project.

You are doing work on a building or are having a building built and you need a foreman who is on site to check that the work complies with your request and that he or she she monitors the construction site.

You have a property and you want to rent or sell it.

Kaimus Ltd through its real estate ads service can take care of the distribution of your ad on its website and on the various media and networks depending on the offer you have chosen.

Other on-demand services are available such as:

  • Taking pictures and videos of your property for the distribution of your ads.
  • Organize the visit of your property to your future tenants or buyers.
  • Writing a status report.

You are renting vacations, however, you are not available for the handing over of keys to vacationers.

Kaimus Ltd offers you its vacation rental service with:

  • hand over the keys ;
  • inventory upon arrival ;
  • inventory of departures ;
  • recovery of keys.

Other services may complement these offers.

Depending on your needs, you can contact us, we will do our best to satisfy your request.


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